Birkenhead Park

The first ramble of 2016 was from Birkenhead Park where 27 set off with Peter Wilson on the longer walk and 12 with Frank Atherton.  Both walked through the park and towards Bidston Hill.  Peter led the group along the sandstone track on the hill and down to Bidston Moss and the cycle tracks and to Wirral Country Park near Wallasey and back to the park café or the pub and the coach.  Frank's party left the park and went through the cemetery to the Tam O'Shanter Urban Farm where they joined the guide on a tour of Bidston Hill and back to the Farm for lunch.  A path across the golf course and along Noctorum Lane and  through the outskirts of Birkenhead led back to the park.  After a very wet drive to Liverpool we enjoyed a fine, dry day before a very wet drive back to Wigan.