Higham, Lancashire.


The December trip was even wetter than November's, but we were lucky not to feel the full effect of Storm Desmond, which hit Lancaster and Cumbria.  There were only 29 on the coach and only 12 on the longer walk from Higham, led by Peter Wilson.  They followed part of the Pendle Way and the Bronte Way and were glad to find shelter under a road bridge at lunch time and to get back to the pub at Higham after a very wet day.  Frank Atherton had decided to go to Whalley, where 17 of us soon found shelter in the church for half an hour to enjoy the Christmas Tree Festival and we all appreciated a warm drink and a mince pie or Christmas cake.  We walked  to Whalley Abbey and the Gatehouse and admired Whalley viaduct.
As we walked along Calder Vale the River Calder was almost in flood and we were glad to reach Spring Wood and find shelter with the Friends of Spring Wood for lunch and more cake. Some had  to eat out in the rain and wind and after a tour of the wood we went back into Whalley to find a café or pub, before returning to Higham to pick up Peter and co.