Eight Miles Walk Saturday 11th April 2015 Cannock Chase


Nineteen walkers participated in the walk which began at approximately 10-00 am from the car park adjoining ‘The Glacial Boulder’ near the village of Broxton.  Geologist have identified that this granite boulder was pushed down all the way from Scotland during the Ice Age and is now mounted on a plinth for the interest of visitors.

The route continued across heathland to the pine woodlands in Brindley Heath.  The group arrived at the Cannock Chase Visitor Centre shortly after mid day and this was the perfect point to stop for lunch.      

The group re-assembled at around 12-40pm and continued past Fairoakes Pools which are man-made lodges formed in the early nineteenth century as part of a venture to sink mine shafts to exploit coal seams in this area.  The project had to be abandoned after 5 years as the shale deposits covering the coal was flooded with groundwater making it uneconomic to extract the coal.    The lodges, which were constructed to resolve the flooding problems have been restored to make an interesting water feature and fishing facility.

The walk progressed passing the Birches Valley Forest Centre and up to the Rugeley Quarries.  The terrain had been undulating for most of the walk but this section was perhaps the more challenging section.

The route continued through the Sherbrook Valley and back to the starting point at the Boulder Stone.

This enjoyable and interesting walk enjoyed in fine weather conditions finished at around 3-15pm and the group returned to the hotel by car.


John Pimblett